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Meet Twinkie! Twinkie is one of the biggest snakes in the world, she’s not really staff, she just kinda runs the place! She is a svelt 350 pounds and is about 22 feet long! If you havent met her, you’re totally missing out. She is the biggest celebrity in our shop having had appearances on Conan, Jay Leno, and of course our own show The Reptile Zoo!
The Reptile Report was right - she looks like a giant pile of soft serve ice cream!
She’s in a temporary box here, she lives in a larger enclosure.
Twinkie has her own facebook page.


Art Student Hand-Illuminates, Binds a Copy of Tolkien’s Silmarillion

German art student Benjamin Harff decided for his exam at the Academy of Arts to do something only slightly ambitious — to hand-illuminate and bind a copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion. It took him six months of work. In very 21st century elvish-monk style, he hand-illuminated the text which had been printed on his home Canon inkjet printer. He worked with a binder to assemble the resulting book. (Source)

(Source: fuckyeahbookarts)

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